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Branwen Peddi

I am a PhD Candidate with the INSPIRA group of the Department of Agricultural Economics of Ghent University in Belgium, under the supervision of Joost Dessein (UGent) and David Ludwig (Wageningen University). I have an interdisciplinary background in bioscience engineering, with a specialisation in agricultural sciences, as well as development & rural innovation studies.

I combine both of these field in my PhD research titled Pluralising knowledge in agricultural development: the case for revitalising Indigenous knowledge in Ghana, funded by FWO Vlaanderen in Belgium, which focuses on epistemic justice within agricultural development in Forikrom, Ghana. Given the often one-sided focus on agricultural yields and outputs, I am interested in how farmers are able to steer endogenous agricultural development towards their own needs, while recognising and revitalising Indigenous-local knowledges in the process.

I make use of qualitative research methodologies such as ethnography, grounded theory and where possible, co-creative approaches.

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