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Esther Milberg Muñiz

Esther is a feminist PhD researcher at the Learning and Educations Sciences (ELS) group, the Knowledge, Technology and Innovation (KTI) group, and the Philosophy (PHI) group at Wageningen University. She is a passionate advocate for a more just, diverse, and social-politically relevant science and studies transdisciplinary processes as a science, a practice and a movement, working with feminist agroecological networks in Latin America.

She is external member of the women's working group of the National Articulation of Agroecology in Brazil, and collaborator with other (feminist) social movements in the region of the North-East of Brazil. She holds a Honorary Masters in Environmental Sciences of the Wageningen University, with specialisations in Agroecology, Political Ecology and STS.

Beyond academia, she cultivates community gardens, enjoys dancing and playing Latin music and experiments with documentary filmmaking; something she also integrates in her PhD journey.