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Gabriela De La Rosa

I am a transdisciplinary researcher from Brazil, with a diverse academic background in biology, ecology, and social science. Within the framework of GEOS, my focus lies in delving deep into a confluence among various forms of knowledge. I am particularly interested in exploring participatory methodologies to facilitate meaningful dialogue, thereby addressing challenges in environmental conservation.

Since 2017, my research has been developing with a fishing community on the northeast coast of Brazil. These past years have exposed me to a spectrum of experiences, ranging from successes, challenges, and failures that have significantly influenced my way of thinking and conducting science.

In general, my interests encompass environmental conservation, political ecology, human ecology, critical social sciences, participatory methods, and transdisciplinarity. As an optimistic scientist, I believe in the potential to cultivate a different kind of science—one that transcends conventional boundaries and embraces innovation in addressing complex issues.

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