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Vitor Renck

I am a trained ecologist and an interdisciplinary researcher doing my postdoctoral research at the Federal University of São Paulo, Brazil. I am also currently a guest researcher at Wageningen University, within the GEOS project, where I was a postdoctoral researcher, between 2022 and 2023.

For more than six years, I have been dedicating myself to study the ethnobiology and fishing expertise of two artisanal fishing communities in the estuary of the Itapicuru River, Northeast coast of Brazil. I have been using a transdisciplinary research approach in order to comprehend the prospects and limits of integration between scientific and traditional ecological knowledge. More recently, I engaged in the “Maretórios Amazônicos” project, which is part of the Amazon + 10 Initiative. I am currently studying socioenvironmental conflicts in another artisanal fishing community, this time in the delta of the Amazon River, aiming for a decolonial coastal management of the fishing community. 

My main research interests include ethnobiology, human ecology, agroecology, sociobiodiversity conservation and transdisciplinarity.  

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