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Giorgia Giduce

I am on the brink of completing my master's degree in International Development Studies at Wageningen University. I am currently specializing in a thesis with the KTI chair group focused on the Ontological Inclusion in the Rights of Nature in Mexico, examining these concepts through indigenous perspectives. I am set to embark on my PhD journey soon, initiating a project in ethnoecology titled 'Cultivating Epistemic Resilience in Sicily (Italy): Exploring Desertification Through Senses, Practices, and Connections.' My academic interests revolve around southern subaltern epistemologies and border thinking, particularly within the context of environmental justice. While still navigating the early stages of my academic path and grappling with the challenge of defining my scholarly identity. I am inclined towards positioning myself as a Southernist environmental anthropologist. My experiences and future research projects are transdisciplinary, bridging political ecologies, peasant studies, critical social sciences, and anthropology. At the same time, I am enthusiastic about exploring alternative research methodologies that integrate participatory, visual, and creative methods with a focus on inclusivity and empowerment.