GEOS Webinar Series

8 January 2021
Francisco Vergara-Silva
Loci of enunciation. The history and philosophy of ethnobiology in/from Mexico 

11 February 2021 
Sandra Harding 
Becoming an Accidental Ontologist: Overcoming Logical Positivism's Antipathy to Metaphysics 
Watch Sandra Harding's lecture on YouTube:

19 March 2021
Boaventura de Sousa Santos 
Science Technology and Innovation from the Perspective of the Epistemologies of the South 

8 April 2021
Arturo Escobar, Kriti Sharma, and Michal Osterweil 
Designing Relationally. Making and Restor(y)ing Life 

6 May 2021 
Geoff Bill
Imperial Vernacular. Phytonymy. Philology and Disciplinarity in the Indo-Pacific. 1800-1900 (starting at 4pm CET) 

10 June 2021
Helen Anne Curry
Local Seeds and Global Needs: Ethnobotany,Agroecology, and the History of In Situ Conservation in Agriculture

8 July 2021
Bagele Chilisa
Title to be confirmed 

14 October 2021
Pascah Mungwini
Emancipative Dialogues and the African Philosophical Practice 

4 November 2021
Laura Rival
Botanical Ontologies. Science Pluralism. and Indigenous Scholarship: an Anthropological Inquiry 

9 December 2021
Sabina Leonelli
The Dilemmas of Openness: Sharing Knowledge Across Research Environments 

 All seminars are from 17.00 – 18.30 hrs (CET)

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