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Local Ecologies of Knowledge

image027ERC Starting Grant, 2020-2025
Members: Abigail Nieves Delgado, Fabio Gatti, David Ludwig, Luana Poliseli, Gabriela Teixeira Vanegas De La Rosa

Expertise about biological and ecological processes is widely distributed but also contested between academic and non-academic stakeholders. This ERC project works with local communities and researchers in Brazil and Mexico in developing “philosophy of ethnobiology” as a transdisciplinary meeting ground for addressing foundational methodological issues in the negotiation of biological and ecological knowledge.

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Affective Farmer-Soil Relations and Regenerative Agricultural Practices

Farmer Soil Relations

PhD project Michiel van de Pavert

 Regenerative agriculture is potentially able to sequester carbon, produce healthy food, replace agrochemicals, build soil health, etc. While the solutions that regenerative agriculture offers to today’s major challenges are appealing, it is proving difficult in the current system for farmers to transition to new farming practices.

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Evolving Epistemologies: Understanding Hybrid Knowledge and its Impact on Livelihoods in Migrant-Agricultural Settings in Ghana

Farmer Soil Relations

PhD project Branwen Peddi

Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) is increasingly recognized for its value in sustaining livelihoods and their resilience. My PhD research aims to understand the process of how different TEK systems co-exist, interact and are exchanged between different communities, as well as their impact on livelihoods.

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